​About us and our mission

Hello everyone,

welcome to our blog followdreams.today, that came as a result of our passion for travelling. The world is a beautiful place, so don’t hesitate - go out, get to know it, taste it and feel it.

We use this blog as a platform for sharing our experiences, photographs, movies and sometimes tips with you.

Our motto is: If you can dream it, you can do it

We want our travels to inspire you, teach you not to give up, make you believe in silver lining’s power and show you that everything is possible.

There are countless of ways to travel – some people sell all their stuff and leave, many spend their vacation sitting by the pool, while others can’t afford frequent trips and usually choose the cheapest options.

Everyone has their own wants and needs, that have to be respected.

Travel bloggers

We like to travel on our own. Our list of places to visit is constantly updated and we try to cross out as many positions as possible.

We usually buy plane tickets and book hotels single-handedly, creating a plan according to our preferences. We found that to be the most convenient and flexible way to travel.

We spend as much time in certain place as we want to, visit monuments that we like and don’t have to yield to travel agency’s schedule.

Of course in the past we would also use agents’ help, but those were just some minor exceptions. We travel couple times a year. Sometimes we organize short, one- or two-day trips to particular city, but some of our journeys last for about a month.

We try to but tickets ahead of time, which is why we spend much less than other travelers. We always bring something back from our excursions to have a souvenir reminding us of a certain spot.

In the pictures or movies, we often use the holding hands theme, because we live and travel together, handing our passion over to others in the meantime.

That’s exactly what happened with us – Ann showed Damian just how incredible traveling is and it’s one of the reasons why we associate our journeys with this theme.

We visited couple dozens of incredible places in more then 20 countries, but our bucket list is still pretty long, so we hope to make those dreams come true one day and wish you do the same.

Who are we?

We’re married couple, we live in Poland and both love traveling, photography, animals (especially dogs) and sports. We own Rocky, adorable dog, who we miss every time we go on our travels. If it wasn’t for him, they would probably last longer.

We work on this blog together. Ann writes posts, runs social media profiles and alters photographs for publications, whereas Damian takes care of technical issues such as blog operation, SEO or taking pictures and shooting movies during our trips.

We wish you all the best and hope that our blog will inspire you to make your dreams come true, like we did!

Thanks for visiting our site.