Our holiday in Croatia

Croatia is so far the only place we have traveled to by car, with our dog, during vacation season and without having booked a hotel first. Knowing that it may be difficult to find a place to stay, we had equipped ourselves with a tent and a cooker just in case.

We had planned to go there in June, but due to some other obligations, we were forced to postpone our trip and leave in July. Though I had been a little afraid of the crowd, it wasn’t actually that bad. We wanted to stay in central Dalmatia. Dual clearways in Croatia are relatively okay, but they are situated far away from the most populated areas, so it’s really useful to have your own means of transport 🙂

As we were leaving the highway, our attention was attracted by a picturesque, small bay, distinguished by its azure waters. We had to stop and spend a moment admiring it, which turned out surprisingly beneficial.

While gushing over this beautiful view, we were approached by a man, who later on found us a flat where we could keep a dog for a reasonable price. We stayed in this town, called Zaboric, proving that you can easily find accommodation in this Croatia’s region.

Beaches in Croatia

holidays in croatia

Croatia beach

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Beach in Croatia

We would spent every morning on the beach and then go on to explore different city each day. This way we visited Split, Primosten, Trogir and Sibernik. After about a week, we decided to move a little northwards near Pula and Rovinj.

Split in Croatia


Amazing susnset in Croatia

Bright and early, we left our apartment to conquer over 400 km and see Plitvice Lakes National Park – the most stunning Croatia’s site – along the way.

This eldest and biggest park in the country is set upstate, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Above-mentioned Pltivice Lakes contain of 16 fair-sized and a few smaller lakes filled with vivid green and blue water, that flows freely from the highest Proscansko Lake to the canyon of Korana River, forming beautiful waterfalls. Complex of lakes is composed of two cascading lake groups.

plitvicka jezera

plitvice national park


plitvice lakes national park

plitvice lakes croatia

It’s recommended to visit this park as early in the morning as possible, since there will be less tourists then.

When faced with a choice between couple of routes that vary from each other with length and number of lakes, we plumped for the longest and most spectacular line C. You can easily enter the park with an animal, though swimming in any water tank on its territory is forbidden.

It’s definitely worth to see this place. The landscape of clear water with color fluctuating from azure and sky-blue to cyan and green makes an amazing impression. Shallow water also unveils shoals and aquatic plants.

Although covering the whole route took us several hours, it was delightful to spend time walking in such beautiful surroundings. We were tired, yet happy, as the view really make it up for the fatigue.

plitvice meren

plitvice lakes

After visiting the park, we headed north to enjoy another week of our vacation, but had to face one more problem, as there was no place to stay with a dog in neither Rovinj or Pula. We had spent couple of hours in quest for accommodation, until finally gave up and decided to draw in our trip. That holiday – though shorter than intended – is something we look back at with a smile on our faces.

Practical information:

– Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK)

– Vaccination: not required

– Electricity: 230 V/ 50 Hz, power sockets of C and F type

– When you go there during vacation season, make sure to book a hotel first, as you can have difficulties with finding a place to stay, especially in the north

– The most cost-effective method is to rent a flat or a room for more than 2 people. Croats often make their money on letting out apartments, which is why it’s usually easy to find a place for a reasonable price for several people.

– Plitvice Lakes are least crowded in the morning hours