Exotic weeding in Seychelles

We had been dreaming about tying the knot on exotic beach for ages, so right after we got engaged, we started to look for a perfect wedding location. Though we had been considering places like Hawaii, Sri Lanka or Bahamas, we eventually went for the Seychelles. When the day arrived, not only did we embark upon a journey to the paradise, but also headed towards a new life together.

There are many companies that offer wedding organizations, nonetheless their prices are often exorbitant and suggestions don’t always suit their clients’ needs. That was the case for us as well. Since none of the proposals – that usually concerned Mahe island – we had heard seemed satisfying, we decided to take matter into our own hands.

We’d known from the start, that we wanted to live in La Digue and that our wedding had to take place on the Anse Source d’Argent, world’s most beautiful beach. We went for Island Lodge hotel, which – like many other hotels on the Seychelles – has a wedding package in its offer. All we had to do was to depict our interests and expectations to the manager, as well as take scans of our passports, our original birth certificates and their translated to English by sworn translator copies.

As for the wedding itself, this is how it looked like 🙂

In the morning we left our room and headed to the reception, where beautiful bouquet and flowers for buttonhole had been waiting for us. Outside the hotel we saw a carriage, with a photographer inside, that was supposed to take us to the beach. Tourists kept stopping our rig along the way to wish us good luck, which we deemed very nice.

Wedding bouquet of frangipani flowers

Preparation for wedding on la digue - Seychelles

Prepaire for wedding - Seychelles Africa

Exotic Wedding on LaDigue Island

Vacation and Wedding on Seychelles

Best things to do on Seychelles - wedding

Wedding on la digue island

On the beach we were welcomed by an official as well as sent from the hotel best man and bridesmaid. Ceremony itself lasted about 20-30 minutes and as it went on, it attracted more and more people, who gathered to observe and cheer us on.

exotic wedding in paradise

Exotic wedding picture on Seychelles

Wedding on prettiest beach in the world

After the wedding, we ate a cake, drank some champagne and had a photo shoot.

Wedding cake on seychelles

Romantic couple relaxing at the beautiful seychelles beach during their honeymoon

Wedding on White beach, Anse Source d'Argent

Bride and groom standing holding hands on rocks looking out over the ocean at the seashore under tropical sunshine

Beautiful bride taking sunbatch at stony beach at seychelles while wearing wedding dress

Seychelles holidays. Bride on the La Digue.

Seychelles - tropical weeding

Romantic bridal couple on the pretty beach

Fresh marriage couple at exotic beach. Most beautiful beaches in the world

Laughing bride standing in the sea - best tropical destinations

Loving bride and groom posing at the sea.

Back in our hotel room, we had one more surprise – it turned out that the entire space had been decorated with flowers and there was a basket full of fruits standing on a table.

Moreover, hotel had prepared us romantic, candlelit dinner on the beach, far away from the other guests, for the evening.

wedding dinner exotic beach

Decision about such exotic wedding was one of the best ones we’ve ever made. If we were to get married one more time, there is not a single thing we would change, except maybe staying in that paradise for a little longer 🙂


– To get married on the Seychelles, you have to stay there for at least three days

– To save up some money and get exactly what you want, try to pick a hotel and prearrange everything with its manager. It’s rather easy to do.

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Amazing weeding in Seychelles La Digue
Exotic weeding in Seychelles
Weeding in Seychelles, on the beach